Don't Fence Me In: The Internet's Bad Old Days Revisited

As the Internet grows out of its Wild West phase, certain relics of the past are riding into the sunset. With new civilization, however, comes the loss of certain freedoms and the colorful ways of a largely unsupervised frontier.

Mussel Mania: Boosting the Freshwater Variety

Wildlife Conservation, February 2007

The mollusks that live in rivers and lakes keep a low profile, but their role in freshwater ecosystems is significant. Freshwater mussels have declined in number and variety as development and pollution have encroached on their territory. Now some researchers are trying to bring them back, cultivating larvae and repopulating streams and lakes.

Philosophic Legacy

The University of Chicago Magazine, January/February 2007

A philosophy discussion group founded by University of Chicago graduate Ken Feldman ponders life's big questions.

The Prose Stylist

Have you ever wondered where to place an ending quotation mark in relation to a comma? Do you write sentences that start gracefully only to end out of kilter, like a Thoroughbred slamming its leg on a fence rail? The Prose Stylist is here to help you untangle the knots of grammar and usage and communicate with clarity and grace.

100 Square Feet of Earth

This journal emerged from a year I spent as caretaker of a plot just 10 feet square. Alongside stories of grit, insects, and seedlings, it offers book reviews and an overview of seed varieties.

I'm a journalist interested in the process of discovery: in particular, how we develop an understanding of the world around us in fields as varied as the natural world, continuing education, technology, transportation, urban design, and language.

That curiosity led me to the graduate journalism program at Columbia University, a stint as a reporter at the Central Penn Business Journal, and freelance work for several magazines, including Wildlife Conservation, The University of Chicago Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine.

I've been an editor longer than I've been involved in journalism. I learned the craft of copy editing from Gladys Topkis of Yale University Press and Arnold Dolin of Penguin Putnam at the University of Denver Publishing Institute.

The skill of correcting others' work came naturally to me, and I have employed it as a teacher as well as an editor. Currently, I'm a copy editor at E&E Publishing LLC, an online publisher of energy and environmental news.

I've been a fanatical gardener and a serial foreign language learner who has dipped into German, Japanese, French, Dutch, and Italian. I'm a bike-share program member and Metro commuter in Washington, D.C., who occasionally runs up against conflicts in urban transportation infrastructure, and new ideas about how to plan and get around cities intrigue me. I'm also a classical singer, pianist and carillonneur.

To learn more, check out my profile on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.